Belize Stained Glass

Give someone a beautiful gift, that will literally last them a life time! There are many cathedrals in Europe with stained glass windows hundreds of years old.
Our items are made with the same glass as they use in those cathedrals. They will never fade in Belize’s sun. Never warp from the heat and never rust from the humidity!

Everything is made in Belize.

Belize Stained Glass Belize Sign

The Belize Sign – Makes a great gift, to remind someone of Belize.
Its the same colors as the official Belize sign in Belize City. 7″ x 2″.
$39 ($19.50 US)


Free-standing 3D Angels
6½” x 4½”

Belize Stained Glass Black White Horse Head

Black & White Horse head
Black & white glass.
7″ x 4½”

Belize Stained Glass Green Frog

Transparent green.
5″ x 4″

Tall Ship
White sails. Brown hull.
6½” x 6½”

Belize Stained Glass Funky Chicken

Funky Chicken
Lots a colors.
Hang one in your car. Hang one at home. Hang one anywhere.
4″ x 4″

White Horse Head
7″ x 4½”

Belize Stained Glass Chicken

Big Chicken
Shades of brown, mottled transparent glass.
7½” x 5″

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet macaw
Made from beautiful transparent colors. Belize’s most stunning bird!
13 inches from head to tail.
Made to order. Allow 1 week.

Tealight holders
Add a beautiful glow to your home or dining table or patio.
$39 each.

Belize Stained Glass Elephant

African Elephant
Who doesn’t love elephants?
Gray & ivory opalescent glass.
6″ x 5″

5″ x 4″
Our most popular item!

Keel-billed Toucan 6″ x 4″ $39
Belize’s national bird

Bee 4″ x 4″ $19 

Rainbow Heart 7″ x 7″ $49 
A fabulous sun-catcher

Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot 9″ x 4″ $39

Whale 9″ x 4″ $39 
The textures are stunning

Blue, Green or Red Dragonfly 8″ x 4″ $29 
Or any other color you desire

Red Daisy
Transparent red & opalescent white + transparent deep green.
The flower is 4 inches across. Top of flower to bottom curl is 14 inches.

White Lily
Opalescent white & yellow + transparent green.
The flower is 5½ inches across. Top of flower to bottom curl is 14 inches.

Artsy Daisy
Opalescent white & yellow + transparent deep green.
The flower is 4 inches across. Top of flower to bottom curl is 14 inches.

Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho Butterfly – No blue leftCan be made in other colors.
Two beautiful shades of blue
7 inch wingspan

Belize Stained Glass Sun and Moon

Sun & Moon mobileSorry, they’re all sold.
Opalescent white & yellow
5½” high x 6” wide

Horse head – Sorry, they’re all sold.
Streaky, transparent, chocolate brown & streaky white, with a hint of iridescence.
7″ x 4½”

Belize Stained Glass Dolphin

Dolphin – Sorry, they’re all sold.
Two tones of grey.
8 inches long.

Belize Stained Glass Hot Air Baloon

Hot Air Balloon
This is a unique, one-off item. You will be the only one to have one of these.
Vibrant colors of the rainbow.
9½” x 7″

Belize Stained Glass Jellyfish

Jellyfish – Sorry, they’re all sold.
Sea blue and iridescent clear glass. 9″ x 4″.

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