Belize Stained Glass

Our items are made with the highest quality hand rolled stained glass. They will never fade in Belize’s sun. Never warp from the heat and never rust from the humidity!

Tealights add a beautiful glow to your home or dining table or patio. 

$30 each. ($15.00 US)

Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho Butterfly
7 inch wingspan
$39 ($19.50 US)
Two beautiful shades of blue

Hummingbird 5″ x 4″ $49 ($24.50 US)
Our most intricate critter

Keel-billed Toucan 6″ x 4″ $39 ($19.50 US)
Belize’s national bird

Bee 4″ x 4″ $19 ($9.50 US)

Rainbow Heart 7″ x 7″ $49 ($24.50 US)
A fabulous sun-catcher

Belize Stained Glass Parrot
Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot 9″ x 4″

$39 ($19.50 US)

Whale 9″ x 4″ $39 ($19.50 US)
The textures are stunning

Blue, Green or Red Dragonfly 8″ x 4″ $29 ($14.50 US)
Or any other color you desire

Here it is! The Scarlet macaw.

13 inches from head to tail. It is (almost) as stunning as the real macaw. 

Brighten up your home with Belize’s most stunning bird!

$99 ($49.50 US)

Scarlet Macaw

These are some of the unique items that we have made. 

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